Saturday, November 14, 2015

SHOCKING TRUTH: NSA Targeting Golden Dawn Community?

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin

For decades, the Golden Dawn community has come under repeated defamation attack on the Internet from anonymous trolls defaming various G.D. leaders. I know I am putting my neck on the line by presenting evidence strongly indicating what is behind this, but I am not easily intimidated.

The present worst offender is an "anonymous" blog, which according to Golden Dawn leader, Martin Thibeault is operated by Andrew Martini who, according to confidential informants, is a CIA covert operative stationed in Japan. Martini adidtionally operates a YouTube channel dedicated to on-line defamation of Golden Dawn leaders

Alleged CIA Operative Andrew Martini

Over the years,  the blog in question has attacked leaders all across the Golden Dawn community. These have included Nick Farrell, Martin Thibeault, Robert Zink, and myself. In this latest attack, Martini engenders false rumors about a right wing conspiracy within the Golden Dawn spiritual community.

Alleged CIA covert operative, Andrew Martini, writes:
"Never happy unless he is pushing a right-wing agenda, the former Head of the Order of the Morning Star Robert Zink..."

Such defamation is particularly odious in light of the terrible damage already done to our community's reputation due to right wing extremists in Greece calling themselves Golden Dawn, although they have nothing at all to do with the Golden Dawn spiritual tradition.

"It is high time the Golden Dawn community take a united stand against covert defamation manipulating our community for nefarious reasons." - David Griffin

Everyone who has been around for any length of time knows that there is precious little that Robert Zink and I agree on. His whole approach to the Golden Dawn is entirely different than mine. 

I will, however, always come to the defense of ANY Golden Dawn leader attacked in covert ops defamation.

Whistleblower and American civil liberties hero, Edward Snowden, carefully documented how US intelligence agencies routinely target on-line communities for defamation attack, in an attempt to steer and manipulate those communities.

Edward Snowden
Modern Paul Revere
You can read about NSA covert online ops in courageous American journalist, Glenn Greenwald's fine article here.

Glenn Greenwald (Left)
Over the past 20 years, it has become more and more obvious that defamation attacks against the Golden Dawn spiritual community are not random. This became crystal clear last February (see my article here), when a mole inside a private Facebook group leaked the below "Target List" of spiritual leaders.

Note that this "Target List" includes spiritual leaders from both the USA and Australia.
  • Rowan Pendragon
  • David Mattichik
  • Frater ATLV
  • Starhawk
  • EA Koetting
  • Kevin Carlyon
  • Elish De Avalon
  • Lizzy Rose
  • She' D' Montford
  • Leslie Grififn
  • David Griffin
One person on the list Thelemite, David Mattachik, had his name crossed off, having passed away.

David Mattichik

Another person on the list Black Magician, E.A. Koetting, was just arrested in a highly suspicious drug bust, with police attempting to justify a warrentless search due to an "anonymous" tip.

E.A. Koetting
Such NSA and CIA dirty tricks have been thoroughly documented in the Edward Snowden documents as well.

At first glance, the above "Target List" looks quite diverse. You have Golden Dawn leaders, Pagan leaders, a Thelemic leader, and even a Black Magician. Once those on the list began comparing notes though, it became clear to us what one thing we all have in common: Each person on the target list has been targeted with defamation by anonymous trolls over extended periods of time. 

The clincher though was when we discovered that whether we lived in the USA or Australia, the tactics and strategies used for covert defamation were identical, as though the numerous trolls were following same rules of engagement from an identical play book or operations manual.

Add to this the huge number of propaganda videos on YouTube deliberately conflating the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with the Illuminati. I document some of these in this recent video.

Put all of this together and a clear picture emerges not of some random trolls with an irrational hatred of the Golden Dawn - but of a hyper-paranoid security state terrified of any legitimate spiritual movements!

In short, it is becoming painfully obvious who is really behind two decades of "anonymous" defamation a against the Golden Dawn community:

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PPS - According to Snowden and Greenwald, standard operating procedure when an operation is compromised is to deny, then call the whistleblower "paranoid" and the information a "conspiracy. Raght our of the ops manual, this is precisely what the troll blog did following the appearence of this article. These people are nothing if not predictable!